Yuxiangrousi is in the App Store - a bright new look & exciting features!

We are so excited to announce that the newest version of our iOS app just hit the App Store. If you follow us on Facebook, you know we’re an eclectic team of travel addicts and food lovers. That’s why we name all our versions after exotic dishes. Can you believe we are already at letter Y? This release is named after Yuxiangrousi - a bold, spicy and flavorful Chinese stir fry dish. Much like the dish, this release is Y-U-M-M-Y! We’ve got a fresh new look and some amazing features we can’t wait to tell you about …

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The Triposo Apple Watch App is Here!

Summer is not over yet and we're saving the best for last! Only a month after our Salo iOS release which featured Activity Overdrive, we are thrilled to introduce our first Apple Watch app as part of the latest iOS release called Tripe.

What does Triposo Apple Watch app do?

Triposo Apple Watch app combines the perks of this is amazing little device with those of our travel app. It gives you the right information at exactly the right time when you are wandering around. In fact, like its popular travel guide, it accompanies you while exploring a destination …
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Create the Perfect Walk and Win a Trip to Japan!

Wandering around is the perfect way to explore. With Triposo you can create the perfect city walk, share it with other travelers and win a trip to Japan with Turkish Airlines.

Start by going here.

Download the app for Android or iOS (if you haven't already). Then go to the destination (or destinations) you want to make walks for directly in the app and start bookmarking places. Just tap the star icon on the page to bookmark. You can also drop pins on the map to add custom locations we don't have. When you're done, save your …

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Win a Trip to Kathmandu!

Every city has its secrets. As you explore, you uncover some of them. Share your secrets and in return you will receive a secret the next time you arrive in a strange town.

That could be sooner than you think since Triposo and Turkish Airlines are giving away tickets to Kathmandu!

Start by going here

Pick the city your secret is for and save.  Simple as that!  We'll feature the best secrets on Facebook and Twitter so look out for yours.  And of course, the winner wins two tickets to Katmandu.  

We’re all travelers, and we’re …

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Kiviak - Triposo's Newest Release on iOS

Up Close and Personal

Guess what Tripsers - our newest iOS app is in the AppStore and it's our best ever yet! 

Plan less and travel more with our new features and beautiful new design. Wander around, see new things and check out what the latest version of Triposo (which we've named Kiviak) has to offer.  

Personalized Suggestions

Pick your travel style in your user profile and the app will tailor its suggestions to match your interests. It doesn’t stop when you pick a travel style: the more you use the app, the better it adapts …

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Mini Guides Just got Better - Get Recommendations from Friends and Family!

By now we hope you've discovered our great new Mini Guide feature. To see some excellent examples, check out the winners of our contest with Turkish Airlines.

Mini Guides just got a better - now you can let your friends and family help create a guide for you!  


Start by logging into your Triposo account and go to your main profile page - www.triposo.com/user/me.  

You'll see all the destinations you've visited, left tips for, etc on the left-hand side with a more detailed look at the Mini Gudies, City Walks and Tips …

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Turkish Airlines and Triposo's Mini Guide Contest Winners


We had a great response to our Mini Guide contest sponsored by our partner Turkish Airlines.  From Galata Tower to the Hagia Sophia in One Day, Old Argentine Style, A Day in Munich or Sofia, there were so many great Mini Guides that were created by the Triposo community.  It was hard to narrow it down and pick winners but these Mini Guides deserve some praise.  Explore these four cities in a new light with the top four Mini Guides and winners of our contest. 

The winner of a round-trip flight to Istanbul is The Baltimore You Don …

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Instant Coffee

Instant Travel Inspiration to get away from the Daily Grind

Here at Triposo we love coffee so in honor of that and our love of quirky food products, we named our newest release Instant Coffee!  Instant Coffee is about Instant Travel and it's just hit the Appstore.  This is what you can expect from our newest release which - by the way - is the best looking app out there:

A New Fresh Look to Inspire

“We are an app that people use while they travel in the destination. People explore town and make on-the-spot decisions. But even when you focus on …

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Our releases are named after dishes. The new release of our iOS app has the codename Haggis and we're as proud of it as the Scottish are of their whiskey.

Here’s what you can expect:

Many more places to eat and drink

You asked for it and we’ve listened: we’ve worked hard on improving our coverage for restaurants and bars and we’ve added loads of new ones. To make it easy to find the perfect spot fast, we’ve handed out badges like “great for coffee” or “kid friendly”. The tags show up in the …

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A broader view

2013 was an amazing year for us. We welcomed millions (literally!) of new users, we launched Triposo 3.0 a real personal travel guide, we had amazing jamborees, we had fun with our travel belt, with the Triposo explorers and based on all the mails we got from users we helped people get most out of their trips.

So yes we are grateful - and these last days of the year are a great time to think about all the things you are grateful for. They are also great for thinking about giving back. One way for us to start giving …

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