The Triposo Apple Watch App is Here!

Summer is not over yet and we're saving the best for last! Only a month after our Salo iOS release which featured Activity Overdrive, we are thrilled to introduce our first Apple Watch app as part of the latest iOS release called Tripe.

What does Triposo Apple Watch app do?

Triposo Apple Watch app combines the perks of this is amazing little device with those of our travel app. It gives you the right information at exactly the right time when you are wandering around. In fact, like its popular travel guide, it accompanies you while exploring a destination …
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Testing out travel gadgets: Boombot REX

One year ago I helped fund a project on kickstarter for this tiny portable and rugged speaker.
After the project unsurprisingly got funded and a long wait I finally got my Boombot REX in de the mail.
This Triposo Jamboree was the perfect opportunity to test it out in the wild. 
Besides the obvious use of playing music, which sounds amazing, especially for such a tiny signature, we used it to watch our freshly created Triposo trip movie (part 1) and to facetime in the coworkers we left behind and let their voices bellow at the same level (or …
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Testing out travel gadgets: the Handpresso

The Jamboree on a bus also gives us a great opportunity to try out cool and slightly geeky travel gear. This morning we did our first test. You may know how much we like espresso at Triposo so we gave Handpresso a shot.

Handpresso is a nifty little espresso pump that let's you make espresso without electricity. You do need boiling water (but you can store it in the, and coffee of course, but after all you need is to use the pump to get the right pressure for a real cup of espresso. The whole set comes in …

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