Top 10 - Haggis Worldwide (with a surprise Nr. 1!)

The Triposo Team is going to Inverness, Scotland next week for our next Jamboree. To celebrate we thought we'd share with you our top picks for eating haggis around the globe - and there's a surprise number one entry!

Haggis is considered the national dish of Scotland thanks to poet Robert Burns’ poem "Address to a Haggis". Whether you eat yours with "neeps and tatties" (mashed turnips and potatoes) and a glass of whiskey, or deep fried, for a true taste of Scotland try haggis at one of these top restaurants.

10. Cafe Gandolfi

Our number 10 spot goes …

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Top 10 Tequila Bars in the U.S., Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo!

Believe it or not, Cinco de Mayo isn’t just about drinking one too many margaritas and practicing your high school Spanish. The holiday originally started in Mexico as a way to commemorate the Battle of Puebla during the Mexican Wars of Independence. Though it’s not actually a national holiday in Mexico and is primarily celebrated in the Puebla region, it has taken on significance in the U.S. as a day to appreciate Mexican heritage and culture.

Regardless of its history, Cinco de Mayo is a great excuse to get more familiar with the cuisine of Mexico, not …

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