Top 10 - Desserts in Paris

In the most romantic city in the world, what a better way to complete a meal, or a day with a truly formidable dessert. Known around the world for their culinary confections, here are the best places to appease your sweet tooth in the City of Love.

1. Angélina

A favorite tea room for Parisian high-society at the turn of the 20th Century, Angélina has maintained its tradition of elegance and sophistication throughout the decades. Whether to eat in, or take away, the confections at Angélina will taste as beautiful as they look.  

2. Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé considers …

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Top 10 - Wine in South Africa

in Vino Veritas - in wine there’s truth. South Africa has been source of good wine for centuries thanks to the trade routes of the Dutch East India Company. Due to its Mediterranean climate, South Africa is one of the major producers of wines in the world. If you happen to find yourself doing a tasting tour of the country or simply want to enjoy a stellar glass of wine on a night out, check out these top restaurants for the best wine in South Africa.

1. Savoy Cabbage

As one of the oldest restaurants in Cape Town, Savoy Cabbage …

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Top 10 - Breakfast in New York City

It's a new year and that means New Year's resolutions.  New diets and exercise regimes aside, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day and shouldn't be missed (even if it's organic, low-fat and low-cal).  

When you're in the city that never sleeps, it’s important to get your fill of the most important meal of the day. Breakfast in New York can range from gourmet French bakeries to classic open-all-night diners. Putting the cronut aside, here are our top picks for breakfast in the Big Apple to start 2014 off right …

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Tripgeist 2014 - the 10 places to go in 2014

The dawn of a New Year brings with it many lists – what to wear, what to eat, what to do and what to drink. If you’re plagued with a constant case of wanderlust, you’re probably wondering where you should travel. 

Last year Triposo shared their picks for travel destinations worth noting based on an algorithm, and since it’s December again it’s time for a fresh list featuring the top places to go in the coming year. Scores from last year were compared with this year's, which has given the travel-hungry masses Tripgeist: the travel …

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Top 10 - Sushi in Berlin

We've had sushi on the brain here in Berlin recently, so we thought we'd bring you an extra-ordinary Top 10 list.  While Berlin is known for its currywurst and beer, the city is filled with an exceptional selection of international cuisine.  It's not hard to find a sushi restaurant that caters to the milder German palate, but to find an authentic place is still a bit of a challenge.  

Here are a number of top-quality authentic Sushi places to check out when the meat and potatoes gets too filling.

1. Sasaya 

Jazz music flows out …

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Top 10 - Tapas in Seville

The Tripsers are on their way from Faro, Portugal to Seville, Spain!  After a long day of driving and coding, food will surely be on the brain.  Lucky for them, Seville as over 4,000 tapas restaurants.  It'll be hard not to enjoy the food but to celebrate their trip and the wonderful city of Seville, here are Triposo's top 10 (well, 9) picks for tapas restaurants in Seville.     

1. Restaurante Eslava 

Having won numerous prizes for their tapas over the years, Restaurante Eslava prides itself on combining traditional fare with a modern twist. Using …

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Top 10 - Risotto in Milan

When you hear the words ‘Italian food’ - pizza and pastas are the first two dishes that usually spring to mind. Coming in a close third, however, is risotto - creamy rice infused with spices and flavors that range from the traditional to the exotic. Usually considered a first course, risotto can also be a hearty meal in itself. If you find yourself lucky enough to be among Italy’s most fashionable in Milano, make sure to stop at one of these praised restaurants to try their risotto alla milanese, or any number of these wonderfully creamy rice dishes.

01. Trattoria Temperanza …

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Top 10 - Apple Pie in the Netherlands

We've featured quite a few top lists featuring savory dishes but this time we have a list that maybe short, but it's very sweet.  Whether à la Mode, with a slice of cheese on top or warm right out of the oven, apple pie is irresistible the world over.  The Dutch have been perfecting this treat for centuries so what better place to indulge your sweet tooth than with these top places for apple pie, or appeltaart, in the Netherlands.  

01. Winkel 43  

With big chunks of apples and crispy crumbs on top, it's no wonder people …

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How do we know which places are good for … ehm anything

Our apps are used by hundreds of thousands travelers who trust their mobile phones to tell them what to do and where to go. We love to look at the statistics of how these people travel with our apps since it helps us understand how we can make our product better. What we see is pretty exciting. Here are some stats that paint a picture of the Triposo traveler:

  • They don’t plan ahead much. The most popular time to look up restaurants is at 19:00 which is when they start to get hungry.
  • When they look at places …
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Top 10 - Fish and Chips in London

Since a few members of the Triposo team are traveling through London, we'd thought we'd help them, and you, with good places to grab some grub.
For some real English ‘sole’ food you can’t beat fish and chips. Brits eat over 255 million portions of chips with their fish every year so that shows they know their stuff when it comes to this crispy fried treat. What better place to enjoy this culinary institution than in London? Here are our top picks for fish and chips eateries in London.

01. Rock & Sole Plaice

This is the …

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