Destination of the Week - Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s capital is not only the largest city in the country, it’s also the fastest growing. Home to the tallest set of twin towers in the world - the Petronas Towers - KL as it’s affectionately called is an impressive collection of cultures making it a hotspot for fashion, food and fun. Visit the Old City Center to get a glimpse of KL’s past and while you’re there, stop off at the top-rated National Museum and Islamic Arts Museum. If you’re looking to shop, visit the Suria KLCC mall at the base of the …

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Destination of the Week - Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Known as the Rose of the North, Chiang Mai is Thailand’s northern hub, though it’s greener and quieter than the capital Bangkok, making it a popular destination and residence for Expats.

Located on a plain 300m above sea level surrounded by lush green forest and mountains, Chiang Mai is a popular jumping off point for other attractions in the area. From jungle exploration up Thailand’s tallest mountain to elephant camps and hot springs, you won’t be short things to do or adventures to take part in, in the northern part of the country.

Don …
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The Triposo Apple Watch App is Here!

Summer is not over yet and we're saving the best for last! Only a month after our Salo iOS release which featured Activity Overdrive, we are thrilled to introduce our first Apple Watch app as part of the latest iOS release called Tripe.

What does Triposo Apple Watch app do?

Triposo Apple Watch app combines the perks of this is amazing little device with those of our travel app. It gives you the right information at exactly the right time when you are wandering around. In fact, like its popular travel guide, it accompanies you while exploring a destination …
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Destination of the Week - Bordeaux


Undoubtedly known for its namesake wines the world over, there is more than wine to entice you to visit this wonderful city. Only a little over 3 hours from Paris and just a stone’s throw to miles of sandy Atlantic beaches, Bordeaux’s revamped port, the Quais, also known as the Port of the Moon, is a UNESCO heritage site and features everything from scenic views of the Garonne to nightlife hotspots to dance the night away, as well as the world’s largest reflecting pool, the Miroir d’eau. See the Victory Arch in the center of …

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Destination of the Week -Valencia


If Majorca is too crowded and Seville too hot, but you’re still craving hot summer days or mild winter nights, then make Valencia your next travel destination! The birthplace of paella, and 'City of Arts and Sciences' Valencia has undergone quite a redevelopment in the past 10 years making it a favorable destination for travelers of all kinds. From ancient Roman architecture, to modern museums with everything in between, Valencia has it all. Visit the Valencia Cathedral, once the site of Roman temple, then a Moorish mosque but today a grand, breathtaking structure, see the UNESCO protected Llotja …

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Destination of the Week - Bergamo


It may not be the largest town in Italy but it is surely one of the most beautiful. Located at the base of the Alps, Bergamo is white in the winter, green in the summer and the landscape is dotted with the pastel-colored houses that make this city ever so charming. A treasure trove of artistic and architectural masterpieces, visit the Citta Alta, or Old City, and head to the Piazza Vecchia to revel in the mix of medieval and Renaissance architecture, or walk up to the ruined castle in San Vigilio for spectacular views of the city. Take …

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Destination of the Week - Giverny


Located only 80 kilometers west of Paris, Giverny is most known for its most famous resident - Claude Monet. Home to the Fondation Claude Monet, fans of the the Impressionist master can visit his house, studio and tour the gardens he spent years planning. These gardens are the inspiration for some of Monet’s most famous paintings and continue to inspire visitors today. However, if painting isn’t your thing, Giverny is also home to the Natural Mechanical Museum which is a wonderful collection of engines and machines from the years past. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike the surrounding hills and …

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Triposo's Salo Release and Activity Overdrive

The newest iOS version of the app is here and it's got something great for travelers everywhere! In this version of the app, which we're calling Salo, we're introducing one of the coolest features ever - Activity Overdrive.

What is Activity Overdrive?

Head to a destination's home page and you'll see four main sections: See, Eat & Drink, Sleep and Play. Next to each of these is a +. By tapping the + you can now add your own custom section to the screen.

Say you like shopping, add a custom shopping button. Say you are looking for a …

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Destination of the Week - Antwerp


Stage 3 of the Tour de France started today from the Belgian city of Antwerp so what better reason than to make it our destination of the week! Legend has it Antwerp got its name from a mythical giant called Antigoon who demanded a toll for those wishing to cross the Scheldt river. Those who didn’t pay had their hands cut off and thrown in the river. Antigoon was slain by the hero Brabo who cut off the giant’s own hand and flung it into the river. Therefore the name ‘Antwerpen’ comes from the Dutch ‘hand werpen …

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Tour de France 2015

Francophiles and cycling enthusiasts of all kinds, this Saturday July 4th marks the first day of the Tour de France 2015. Starting in Utrecht (for the first time ever!), then headed through Antwerp and in and around France, the cyclists will race in 21 different stages traversing over 3000 kilometers. From Atlantic coastline to Alpine heights, the race ends in beautiful Paris on Sunday July 26th. Whether you are a cycling fanatic yourself or just want to cheer your favorite athletes on, visit the ancient cities and beautiful country towns as you explore where the Tour heads this year.

Photo …

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