Arriving in a new city just got really simple with Landed - our new app!

These are exciting times at Triposo. A month back we launched Walter, a one of a kind travel compass app. Now, we are proud to present our next innovation, Landed - the world’s first arrival app! Landed is the only app you need to get off to a great start in a new city. Read on to know more.

The Landed story

It all began when one Tripster was making his way from Thailand to Berlin last month. He had backpacked through 13 countries when he realized his arrival routine was stuck on repeat. No matter where he went, he found himself going through the same checklist: Find a SIM card, book a last-minute hotel, look up some local phrases and get to the city.

He was sick of struggling to find the information he needed and knew this was a problem he could solve with a little help from his fellow Tripsters. When he shared the idea with the team, we instantly agreed. We were all tired of the “Oh no! There’s no WiFi here! How do I get to the city? Where can I get a ride?” feeling.

We needed to build an app that eliminated this laundry list of arrival worries. Landed does the trick - it works without internet ensuring arrivals are always a breeze.

We are excited to launch Landed to our Triposo community. Get it in the App Store and give it a test drive the next time you land in an unfamiliar destination. If Landed makes things easier for you, write a review and let us know!

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What is Landed

Landed is your trusty arrival partner. When you land in a new destination you no longer need different apps for currency conversions, weather and hotels. Instead, you get all this information in one place with some added perks.

- Recommends the best way to get to the city center

- Displays currency conversion rates

- Provides tips on the best local SIM card provider so you can get online

- Suggests awesome last-minute hotel deals in all major cities

- Helps you settle in quickly by suggesting popular local phrases

- Gives you up-to-date weather information

- Gets you an Uber on demand where available

Plus, Landed has all the features you love most about Triposo; it’s free, most features work offline and it works anywhere in the world.

How we do it

To create Landed, we built on the great tools and algorithms we use to power our travel guides at Triposo.

We matched airports to cities using a clever algorithm that determines where you are likely to go when you arrive. Next, we crawled through open source data on public transportation in order to present you the best options. Much the same, for SIM card providers, we parsed publicly accessible information to suggest the ideal service provider.

As far as the rest goes, well, we have to keep some things a secret!

Get Landed

Get Landed in the App Store today! If you enjoy your experience, write a review and let us know. We love hearing from you! Till next time.