Introducing Walter - Your Smart Travel Compass

The story behind Walter

Last week we got together at our quarterly Jamboree in Berlin - a much anticipated week of brainstorming, coding and exploring. We were sitting around the sofa sipping German beer and chatting about innovative ways to improve travel experiences, when a new idea arose, “Let’s create a beer radar!”.

Like most beer-induced brainstorms, we laughed at the idea and moved on. A few hours later, we revisited the concept. We all agreed that finding local places to eat and drink in a new destination is difficult. The world needed a simpler tool to help find nearby hotspots more easily.

Immediately, it all clicked.

The next morning we created our first prototype - a travel compass that points you in the direction of sights, shops, restaurants and nightlife. Point your phone and go!

A week later, we are proud to present a beta version of Walter to our awesome Triposo community! We would love for you to check it out.

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What is Walter

Walter is different from all other travel apps because it’s specially designed for spontaneous and carefree travel. There is no signup page, no login and no settings. Simply launch the app and get a radar view of what’s around you.

Walter displays four bands of color representing sights, shops, restaurants and nightlife. The wider the band, the more things in that direction. As you branch out from the center, destinations get further away, but nothing is ever more than five, ten or twenty minutes from you.

Walter inherits the signatures features you love about Triposo. It’s free to download, works offline, and works anywhere in the world.

How we do it

Walter got a bit lucky :).

It borrows heavily from Triposo’s amazing tools and sophisticated algorithms. We crawl through gigabytes of open source data, parse it, extract information, match sources and rank relevance to create a comprehensive database for 50,000 destinations across the globe. These are the secrets behind Walter’s location and contextual awareness.

How to get Walter

Get Walter in the iTunes app store today! If you like what you see, we would love to read your feedback in the app store.

Happy Waltering,

Team Triposo