Destination of the Week - Hoi An

Hoi An

Hoi An may be small but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular to visit. It’s Old Town is a UNESCO Heritage site and displays a variety of influences corresponding from the beautiful Japanese Covered Bridge, Chinese Temples to the Museum of Folk Culture. The Old Town may be filled with plenty of shops catering to the western budget, but the atmosphere alone is well worth the time spent walking around the streets. Visit the Phung Hung House, a traditional two-story wooden house that has been inhabited for over 100 years by 8 different generations, stop by the Museum of Sa Huynh Culture whose main collection displays pottery from the 1st and 2nd centuries, or rent a bicycle and head to Cam Kim Island and you’ll be stunned by the beautiful scenery that greets you along the way. Cooking lessons, sunset cruises or beach excursions aside, make sure to check out our top picks in Hoi An.

Best for Spicy Food and Curry at Shree Ganesh Indian Restaurant

Best Indonesian Food (including Pancakes) at Bale Well Outdoor

Best Vegetarian at Minh Hien Vietnam Vegetarian Restaurant

Photo by rapidacid