Destination of the Week - Bilbao


This northern Spanish city is often overlooked in favor of its Mediterranean-facing counterparts or centrally-located capital but the strong Atlantic wind gives Bilbao some serious character of its own. For many, a visit to Bilbao means a visit to the famous Guggenheim museum, but the city has undertaken a dramatic renovation in recent years and there are numerous architecturally interesting buildings to see. Bilbao is the best place to learn about the ancient culture and language of the Basque people and those interested should definitely visit the Basque Museum. Head to the Mercado de la Ribera, one of Europe’s largest covered markets and sample some local goodies, and definitely enjoy the lush green parks and landscape the region is blessed with thanks to its temperate climate. Whether you come for the art, the architecture or the history, make sure to check out our top picks in Bilbao.

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Photo by Phillip Maiwald