Destination of the Week - Hanoi


With a blend of Chinese and French influences, Vietnam’s capital has carved itself out as a prime destination in Southeast Asia. Despite invasions, wars and conflicts, Hanoi has remained the capital of Vietnam for over 1000 years and the Old Quarter is filled with stretches of pre-colonial and colonial architecture, narrow streets and loads of charm. Visit the Hanoi Citadel which despite being destroyed by the French and used as a military HQ during the Vietnam war, it’s a designated UNESCO World Heritage Sight and filled with interesting things to see. With museums that range from the Air Force Museum to the Ho Chi Minh Museum as well as the the Museum of the Vietnamese Revolution or even the more traditional Fine Arts Museum, there’s surely enough to keep you occupied should you need a break from the hot and muggy tropical climate. Visit the Cho Hom or ‘Noon Market’ known for it’s diverse selection of goods and fantastic fabrics. With temples, lakes, and parks as respite, from traditional to modern, there’s plenty to do in Hanoi. Whatever your pleasure, make sure to check out our top picks!

Best Pho at Pho 10

Best Vegetarian at Tamarind Café

Best for Cocktails at Green Mango

Photo by Chuoibk