The Triposo Apple Watch App is Here!

Summer is not over yet and we're saving the best for last! Only a month after our Salo iOS release which featured Activity Overdrive, we are thrilled to introduce our first Apple Watch app as part of the latest iOS release called Tripe.

What does Triposo Apple Watch app do?

Triposo Apple Watch app combines the perks of this is amazing little device with those of our travel app. It gives you the right information at exactly the right time when you are wandering around. In fact, like its popular travel guide, it accompanies you while exploring a destination and notifies you when you are close to interesting places.

The Apple Watch App is not Triposo’s first experience with wearable tech. A while back the team put their creative minds together to create a prototype for the Travel Belt - a custom device that gave directions through the use of buzzers, which was also part of an Indiegogo campaign. The Apple Watch is taking it one step futher, and it's stylish too!

Another perk of this release? The new feature is set up in a way that you can also use it if you don’t have a watch. Every Mini Guide and City Walk in the app now has a “Track” button which sends notifications directly to your device when you're close by.

So what are you waiting for?

Want to learn more? Watch this!

Download Tripe on iOS today!

And for our Android users, download Triposo here