Triposo's Salo Release and Activity Overdrive

The newest iOS version of the app is here and it's got something great for travelers everywhere! In this version of the app, which we're calling Salo, we're introducing one of the coolest features ever - Activity Overdrive.

What is Activity Overdrive?

Head to a destination's home page and you'll see four main sections: See, Eat & Drink, Sleep and Play. Next to each of these is a +. By tapping the + you can now add your own custom section to the screen.

Say you like shopping, add a custom shopping button. Say you are looking for a romantic seafood restaurant, you can do that too. Coffee and ice cream, ribs and beer - the possibilities are limitless! From haunted houses to Baroque architecture, make Triposo customizable to suit your needs with Activity Overdrive.

The best part? Once you've made your own customizable button, if you head to another destination, it will be there too. We want to give you the places we know you'll love, with just the touch of a button!

Want to learn more? Watch this!

Download Salo on iOS today!

And for our Android users, download Triposo here.