Destination of the Week - Philadelphia


Located conveniently between New York City and Washington DC, Philadelphia is more than a pit stop. Founded by William Penn in 1681, (giving name to the state Pennsylvania), Philadelphia, or Philly as it’s lovingly called, is more than just cream cheese and cheese steaks (though don’t get us wrong, those are both great things that bear the name Philadelphia!) Considered the ‘Birthplace of America’, Philadelphia was a key location in the American Revolutionary War especially with regards to the Declaration of Independence and the writing of the Constitution. Alternatively, Philadelphia has also been referred to as a ‘New Athens’ by its most famous resident, Benjamin Franklin, and it is here he conducted his most famous experiments with electricity.

Jump ahead a few decades and Rocky fans will recognize the Philly skyline and can visit the "Rocky III" statue outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art (and maybe even do some training of their own!) Visit the Independence National Historic Park which includes the famous Liberty Bell, or spend some time in one of the top-rated museums. Get tickets to a Phillies baseball game in the summer, a 76’ers (basketball) game or dare try to get Eagles NFL tickets but they do sell out fast. Enjoy a cheesesteak to say the least and try out our top picks when visiting Philadelphia.

Best Cheesesteak at Jim's Restaurant

Best Pulled Pork at DiNic's Roast Pork аnd Beef

Best Pancakes at Dutch Eating Place

Photo by Ed Yakovich