Around the World in 80 Dishes - nr. 80. Locro in Quito

80. Locro in Quito  


It's been a long and tasty journey but our culinary trip around the world has come to an end. What a better way to end than with a hearty meal in the wonderful city of Quito?

Achiote is a restaurant that excels at melding traditional Ecuadorian cuisine with a bit of modern flair. Using fresh, local products, the dishes at Achiote are vibrant, colorful and most of all, scrumptious. Climbing up the Andes can really bring on an appetite and Achiote has just the dish for that - Locro. A hearty thick stew popular in the region and considered one of the national dishes of Ecuador, lorco is made up of cheese and potatoes with corn, chorizo, onions, beans and more. While traditionally served in winter, the locro at Achiote can be enjoyed year round to satiate the largest of appetites or to give you the boost you need to get through a day of hiking, wandering or just simple sightseeing. For traditional Ecuadorian cuisine in style, locro at Achiote is the way to go.

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Photo by Stevage