Destination of the Week - Salvador


Brazil’s third-largest city and former capital is also one of the friendliest cities to visit! From it’s charming UNESCO protected old town to it’s lively world-class music scene, you’ll wonder why you’ve never headed to this Brazilian hotspot before. Wander the cobblestoned streets of the Pelourinho, or old city center, take a bus ride to the northern part of the peninsula to enjoy some of the best beaches around, take in the view from the 100m cliff that runs along the entire shore and definitely keep your ears tuned into the music playing around town. Friendly, tropical and lively, what better place to head than Salvador? Just make sure to check out our top picks!

Best for Dinner (with outdoor seating too) at Maria Mata Mouro

Best for Lunch at Senac

Best Italian at La Figa

Photo by Fotos GOVBA