Around the World in 80 Dishes - nr. 72 Feijoada in Rio de Janeiro

72. Feijoada in Rio de Janeiro 

Bar do Mineiro

If a hearty stew sounds good to you, then this is for you! Feijoada is Rio’s official dish and is considered by many as Brazil’s national dish. With Portuguese origins, Feijoada is a traditional bean-based stew with loaded with pork and vegetables. The Brazilian version uses black beans and a hearty mix of salted pork and meat trimmings to give this stew it’s full-bodied flavor. If you’re looking to dive into this Brazilian speciality, there’s no question that Bar do Mineiro is the place to go. You’ll know you’ve arrived by the queue lining the streets, but just grab a beer or a caipirinha while you wait and soak up the ambience. Bar do Mineiro is a local favorite so don’t expect any fancy treatment but you can expect the best Feijoada in all of Rio.

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Photo by André Ribeiro