Mini Guides Just got Better - Get Recommendations from Friends and Family!

By now we hope you've discovered our great new Mini Guide feature. To see some excellent examples, check out the winners of our contest with Turkish Airlines.

Mini Guides just got a better - now you can let your friends and family help create a guide for you!  


Start by logging into your Triposo account and go to your main profile page -  

You'll see all the destinations you've visited, left tips for, etc on the left-hand side with a more detailed look at the Mini Gudies, City Walks and Tips for each destination in the middle.  Scroll down until you get to the end of a destination you'd like to get recommendations for.  

You'll see a blue button 'Get Recommendations from your Friends'.  Click that and we automatically generate a link that you can

- Post to your wall on Facebook

- Tweet 

- or Email 

Simple as that! 

Send the link to friends, family, coworkers, travel buddies or anyone you'd like to help inspire you on your next trip.  Try it out today - you might be surprised what results come back!