From architecture, to interiors and even city planning, design is one of the major focal attractions when traveling abroad. 

During our Jamboree in Prague we had a hackathon where Ionut looked at Instagram tags and what they tell us. The above images shows us where most pictures are tagged #design around the world. 

From the beautiful Syndey Opera House to the principles defined by the German Bauhaus, Scandanavian artists, architects and designers have flocked to simple, fluid forms for everything from chairs, lamps and sofas to grand buildings.  While design styles and influences have evolved dramatically throughout the ages from classical to Rococco to Post-modern, there's no question that Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo have been and continue to be at the forefront of contemporary design. Whether you're a fan of the Egg chair or Ikea, check out our heatmap to see where #design has been tagged the most on Instagram. 

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