Top 10 - Desserts in Paris

In the most romantic city in the world, what a better way to complete a meal, or a day with a truly formidable dessert. Known around the world for their culinary confections, here are the best places to appease your sweet tooth in the City of Love.

1. Angélina

A favorite tea room for Parisian high-society at the turn of the 20th Century, Angélina has maintained its tradition of elegance and sophistication throughout the decades. Whether to eat in, or take away, the confections at Angélina will taste as beautiful as they look.  

2. Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé considers his pastry creations an art and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this sweet boutique. Available to order online, these creations are truly works of art not to be missed - magnifique!

3. Le Loir dans la Théière 

This Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea shop boasts some of the best homemade desserts in the city. For a more down-to-earth treat, come to Le Loir dans la Théière for out-of-this-world savory and sweet tarts, pies and their famed lemon meringue.  

4. Chez Janou

Come for dinner and stay for dessert at this classic Provençal restaurant. Chez Janou fills up fast so come early or make a reservation. Bon Appetit!

5. Le Soufflé

Named for their house speciality, Le Soufflè specializes in both savory and sweet varieties of this classic French dish. A favorite for both locals and tourists alike, their creative combinations can leave you only wanting more. C’est délicieux!

6. Café Constant

95 The menu changes here daily based on what’s available locally, but that doesn’t stop anyone from waiting in line to get a table at this picture-perfect bistro. With classic, traditional desserts, a stop here is definitely merveilleux!

7. Le Relais de l'Entrecôte

To keep their wine list up-to-date, Come for their renowned steak and fries and stay for their famous desserts. There is always a long line outside Le Relais de l'Entrecôte but you can take in the Parisian sights before indulging in their dessert menu. Voilà!  

8. Chez Casimir

Tucked away near the Gare du Nord you’ll find Chez Casimir, a more relaxed but sought after restaurant. All their food here is served buffet-style but don’t forget to leave room for their dessert. Friendly staff and wonderful ambience makes searching out this restaurant worth it.

9. Chez Prosper

The traditional bistro décor here richly compliments the wonderful desserts waiting to be enjoyed at Chez Prosper. Take it from the locals, Chez Proper is trés jolie!

10. Les Philosophes 

With their friendly English-speaking waitstaff, Les Philosophes serves homemade traditional French cuisine and that includes their succulent desserts. Try to get a table outside for wonderful people watching while you enjoy your sweet treats.

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Photo by Jennifer Martinez