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Destination of the Week - Sydney


It’s got warm summers, mild winters and is one of the the most beautiful cities in the world so it’s about time Sydney makes it onto our list! Sydney is home to one of the world’s largest natural harbors crossed by the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, the iconic Opera House, and of course legendary Bondi Beach. If that’s not enough, Sydney is a buzzing metropolis filled with millennia of history, art, culture and some of the best coffee in the world. Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, explore Chinatown and make sure to stop by our …

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Around the World in 80 Dishes - nr. 64. Chicken and Waffles in Lexington, Kentucky

64. Chicken and Waffles in Lexington, Kentucky 

Saul Good

Can’t decide what to eat? What about the best of both worlds - breakfast and dinner in one? Don't call it brunch though, this is something special - fried chicken and waffles! This soul food hits you with nothing but love - crispy golden waffles smothered in real maple syrup with a heaping helping of good ol’ fashioned fried chicken. It's southern soul food at its best and the place to get it is Saul Good Restaurant & Pub. It’s Saul good!

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Destination of the Week - Warsaw


Warsaw is not only the capital of Poland, it’s also one of the most budget-friendly destinations in Europe to visit. Most of Warsaw was destroyed in WWII but the Old Town was reconstructed and restored for a wonderful look into the city’s history. Walk the Royal Road from the Royal Castle to the Palace, spend a few hours in one of the city’s top-notch museums, explore up-and-coming contemporary art with Warsaw’s burgeoning gallery scene and maybe even come for the city’s jazz or film festivals, but make sure to check out our top picks …

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Around the World in 80 Dishes - nr. 63 Brunswick Stew in Atlanta

63. Brunswick Stew in Atlanta

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

Looking for good bbq? Then look no further with Atlanta’s #1 spot! One of their specialities just happens to be Brunswick Stew. This popular southern dish consists of a tomato-based stew with beans, okra, corn, and other vegetables and meat of one’s choosing. While recipes vary throughout the southern states, everyone agrees that the stew at Fox Bros Bar-B-Q is as authentic as it gets. While you’re here, dig into their other bbq treats from ribs, steaks and more.

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Destination of the Week - Athens


Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities and the birthplace of western civilization. Explore the ancient city of the Acropolis with its majestic marble temples, hop the twelve hills of Athens, visit the Royal Palace in Syntagma Square or head to the port for a cruise along the crystal clear Aegean sea. From ancient sights to warm Grecian nights, check out our top picks when in Athens.

Best for Souvlaki - Thanasis

Best for Seafood - Varoulko

Best for Wine - Spondi

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Around the World in 80 Dishes - nr. 62 Poutine in Montreal

62. Poutine in Montreal 

La Banquise 

Poutine is a Canadian speciality of fries covered in brown gravy and cheese. Not your style? Not to worry! La Banquise has a menu of over 30 different types of poutine. You can customize yours to exactly the way you’d like - with or without cheese, meat and more. La Banquise also has a great breakfast, lunch and dinner menu so no matter what you crave, there’s something for everyone. Make sure to order at least one poutine so you can say you’ve had the best there is.

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Destination of the Week - Lisbon


Perched on the edge of the Atlantic, Lisbon not only has beautiful beaches, but great food, wine, hospitality and of course, a history that spans the centuries. Explore Belem Tower, the Jerónimos Monastery, and of course the Castelo de São Jorge. Wander the tiny alleys in search of the best local wine or people-watch in the main square of Rossio to get a sense of the comings and goings of the locals. With white-sand beaches and priceless sunset views, check out our top picks when visiting Lisbon.

Best Romantic Spot for Dinner and Dessert - Sacramento

Best Seafood - Cervejaria Ramiro …

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Around the World in 80 Dishes - nr. 61 Clam Chowder in Boston

61. Clam Chowder in Boston

Union Oyster House

Since opening in 1826, the Union Oyster House has remained the oldest continually running restaurant in the United States. Want another interesting fact? The toothpick was first used here as well! Not only a Boston institution but also an American one, the Union Oyster House is the number one place to go for a top quality seafood meal. What to order? If you’re not in the mood for oysters, which they do serve in many different styles, you must get their clam chowder, pronounced 'chowdah' in this neck of the woods …

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Destination of the Week - Seville


It is said that Andalucia's capital was founded by Hercules as a stop on his trade route headed towards the Atlantic. Whether you believe that or not, Seville’s history traces Roman, Moorish and Castilian rule up through modern day. Spend your days basking in the beautiful sunlight while you explore the grand architecture of (arguably) the largest cathedral in the world, the Seville Gothic Cathedral, or the Moorish palace of Real Alcázar and the Plaza de España. Visit the Museo de Bellas Artes or explore the history of Flamenco at the Museo del Baile Flamenco. Whatever your …

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Around the World in 80 Dishes - nr. 60 Akvavit in Copenhagen

60. Akavit in Copenhagen 

The Royal Cafe

“The water of life’ - Akvavit - is Scandinavia's schnapps. Traditionally distilled from caraway seeds or dill, this liquor is often enjoyed with a beer, a meal, at a party, or really anytime one wants to celebrate all life has to offer. At the Royal Cafe, the aim is to combine the best of Denmark - from food, design, history and more. Showcasing only the best brands Denmark has to offer, The Royal Cafe naturally has the best Akvavit in the capital. After a day of exploring the sights of Copenhagen, akvavit at The Royal …

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