Around the World in 80 Dishes - nr. 14 Sauerkraut in Strasbourg

14. Sauerkraut in Strasbourg

La Maison Kammerzell

La Maison Kammerzell - the Kammerzell House - is one of the most ornate and well preserved examples of Gothic architecture in the Alsace region of France. Being one of the most decadent buildings in this picturesque town means their menu must live up to the decor. La Maison Kammerzell does not disappoint! The region of Alsace is known for its German and French influences and the cuisine here echos that. From Coq au Riesling and Foie Gras to their famous fish sauerkraut, La Maison Kammerzell has it all. Gone are the days of this unappetizing cabbage dish - at La Maison Kammerzell, the sauerkraut is something to relish. Step back in time for a richly satisfying meal at La Maison Kammerzell. 

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Photo by manray3