Testing out travel gadgets: Boombot REX

One year ago I helped fund a project on kickstarter for this tiny portable and rugged speaker.
After the project unsurprisingly got funded and a long wait I finally got my Boombot REX in de the mail.
This Triposo Jamboree was the perfect opportunity to test it out in the wild. 
Besides the obvious use of playing music, which sounds amazing, especially for such a tiny signature, we used it to watch our freshly created Triposo trip movie (part 1) and to facetime in the coworkers we left behind and let their voices bellow at the same level (or above) the people there in real life.
This speaker that lets anyone easily connect their sound enabled device over bluetooth is great to take with you on your adventures, wether you're in a small or large group it's super versatile, playing music on the bus driving home from a great night out with the locals in Faro or watching some weird comedian on youtube with the tripsers.

If you want one, you no longer need to go to kickstarter but just go to boombotix.com