Testing out travel gadgets: the Handpresso

The Jamboree on a bus also gives us a great opportunity to try out cool and slightly geeky travel gear. This morning we did our first test. You may know how much we like espresso at Triposo so we gave Handpresso a shot.

Handpresso is a nifty little espresso pump that let's you make espresso without electricity. You do need boiling water (but you can store it in the, and coffee of course, but after all you need is to use the pump to get the right pressure for a real cup of espresso. The whole set comes in a very nice box and just looks awesome. But we didn't buy this for the looks. We want espresso! 

The first attempt wasn't 100% successful. The problem was that coffee we had bought in a Portuguese supermarket was too course. We needed something finer. We didn't want to go back to the supermarket, but luckily we happened to have a couple of Nespresso capsules with us. With a plastic camping knife we cut it open and used the coffee in there for our Handpresso machine - and lo and behold - the amounts match!

The coffee was as good as you could possibly expect - you can probably get something better if you find a great espresso bar with a fabulous barista - but if you're camping Handpresso is awesome.