How Mobile is Encouraging Spontaneity

According to Pew Internet, 86% of smartphone users have used their phone to get “just-in-time” information like the score of a game, or up-to-the-minute traffic updates. The rise of real-time information seeking has cultivated a newfound feeling of spontaneity among smartphone users, who use their mobile devices as information banks and security blankets to help them step outside their comfort zones. Do smartphones encourage people to try new things? Can we harness this newfound sense of spontaneity to help people live fuller, more enjoyable lives? Can decisions made in-the-moment via smartphone impact our relationships?

With these questions in mind, we got together with Cleverbug, Threadflip and HotelTonight to propose a session for SXSW 2014. In this session, attendees would get to hear from mobile entrepreneurs in a variety of industries about how people are now living more spontaneous lives, in large part due to the proliferation of smartphones.

Want to learn more about how smartphones are making us more spontaneous? Check out this infographic we put together about how mobile enables spontaneity while traveling, and vote for us at  the SXSW panel picker.