Top 10 - Risotto in Milan

When you hear the words ‘Italian food’ - pizza and pastas are the first two dishes that usually spring to mind. Coming in a close third, however, is risotto - creamy rice infused with spices and flavors that range from the traditional to the exotic. Usually considered a first course, risotto can also be a hearty meal in itself. If you find yourself lucky enough to be among Italy’s most fashionable in Milano, make sure to stop at one of these praised restaurants to try their risotto alla milanese, or any number of these wonderfully creamy rice dishes.

01. Trattoria Temperanza Da Abele 

Tucked away from the city center and frequented almost exclusively by locals you’ll find Trattoria Temperanza Da Abele. With their daily-changing menu of three different risotto dishes, as well as more traditional meat and fish dishes, this hideaway is the place to go to try risotto in all its glory. Open only at night, it’s first come, first serve, so put on your walking shoes and head up towards Da Abele where you’ll never eat the same rice twice.

02. Ristorante Ratanà   

Combine contemporary sophistication with traditional values and you get Ratanà. A wonderful haven among a sea of skyscrapers is one of Milan’s newest additions to the risotto scene. A bit more upscale but worth the visit to try the classic risotto alla milanese. With their extensive wine list and delectable desserts, Ratanà won’t disappoint.

03. 23 risotti   

This small, cozy establishment has clearly earned its Michelin star with the help of their top risotto dishes. With more creative combinations to boast, make a reservation first since those who know, know 23 risotti is the place to go.

04. Il Cantione    

Close to the Duomo you’ll find this charming place brimming with locals waiting to grab a table. With a wonderful atmosphere and risotto to boot, it’s perfect for lunch before or after you explore the best of Milan’s sights.

05. Amici Miei    

Close to the nearby university, Amici Miei is cozy and comfortable. Come for their unbeatable lunch specials and order a hearty portion of risotto to keep you going the rest of the day. Here the rice is right.

06. Il Brellin   

Next to the canal you’ll find this quaint restaurant frequented by the young and the beautiful. The beauty of Milano is reflected in their food, so stop for a drink at their bar, indulge in a wonderfully presented meal, and finish with a walk along the water. A true evening Milanese style!

07. Savini   

Open since 1867 you won’t find a more picturesque restaurant than this. Located close to the Manzoni theatre, Savini has been frequented by artists and scholars alike - including Charlie Chaplin, Grace Kelly and even Frank Sinatra. With its air of sophistication and luxury, treat yourself to a meal in Savini and afterwards visit their patisserie for something sweet for the walk home.

08. Osteria del Binari    

With its magical garden in the summer and warming fireplaces in the winter, Osteria del binari is top-class cuisine for any and all occasions. In the heart of the fashion district this place is definitely the place to see and be seen. Make sure to dress to the nines when coming here and partake in a truly fashionable meal.

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Photo by Tamorlin