Top 10 - Apple Pie in the Netherlands

We've featured quite a few top lists featuring savory dishes but this time we have a list that maybe short, but it's very sweet.  Whether à la Mode, with a slice of cheese on top or warm right out of the oven, apple pie is irresistible the world over.  The Dutch have been perfecting this treat for centuries so what better place to indulge your sweet tooth than with these top places for apple pie, or appeltaart, in the Netherlands.  

01. Winkel 43  

With big chunks of apples and crispy crumbs on top, it's no wonder people queue up for Winkel's apple pie from all around. Come early for lunch but make sure you save room for Winkel's favorite world-class apple pie.

02. Dudok - Rotterdam

Dudok is somewhat of a landmark in Rotterdam owing to their tender and juicy apple pie. For birthdays, celebrations or just after a long day, don’t miss a chance to grab a slice of heaven at Dudok.

03.  Kobus Kuch

Kobus Kuch sells over 60,000 slices of apple pie a year so it’s no wonder why a trip to Delft would be incomplete if you didn’t make a stop here. Situated on the picturesque Beestenmarkt, there’s no better way enjoy your day than with a coffee or a beer and a slice of Kobus Kuch’s apple pie.

04.  Dudok - The Hague

Dudok’s apple pie is so appeeling , it appears twice on our list. For a side of politics with your apple pie, come to Dudok in the Hague.

05. Villa Zeezicht   

Villa Zeezicht’s core business is serving up their trademark apple pie. Another Dutch favorite, come and learn why their apple pie is some of the best around.

07. De Jaren

Whether business or pleasure, breakfast or dinner, high tea or beer, De Jaren is one of the top cafe/restaurants to visit while in Amsterdam. Looking out over the canal, De Jaren boasts a diverse international menu.  Don’t be fooled though, one of their bestsellers is their apple pie. Order some and take in the ambience of this charming cafe in Amsterdam.

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Photo by Wannes Verhoogen.