Top 10 - Haggis Worldwide (with a surprise Nr. 1!)

The Triposo Team is going to Inverness, Scotland next week for our next Jamboree. To celebrate we thought we'd share with you our top picks for eating haggis around the globe - and there's a surprise number one entry!

Haggis is considered the national dish of Scotland thanks to poet Robert Burns’ poem "Address to a Haggis". Whether you eat yours with "neeps and tatties" (mashed turnips and potatoes) and a glass of whiskey, or deep fried, for a true taste of Scotland try haggis at one of these top restaurants.

10. Cafe Gandolfi

Our number 10 spot goes to a good ol’ fashioned Scottish pub. Cafe Gandolfi's haggis is naturally served with neeps and tatties and is as classic as you can get. Come for Sunday roast or a casual weekday dinner.

9. Musa Art and Music Cafe

A restaurant, art gallery and music venue in the heart of old Aberdeen, Musa promotes and celebrates all things contemporary. Their diverse menu showcases classic Scottish staples with a modern flair - like their haggis and coriander spring rolls. For a refreshing take on haggis and much more, Musa offers a full catered evening of food and entertainment.

8. The Lade Inn

With hearty meals and Scottish ales, everyone is made to feel welcome at the Lade Inn. Located on the highest mountain in Trossachs National Park, the Lade Inn will warm you up and fill your belly after a long hike through the Highlands.

7. Arisaig

This Scottish bar and restaurant in Glasgow is yet another favorite for the haggis lover. With set, seasonal and à la Carte menus, Arisaig combines simplicity with Scottish tradition.

6. Albannach

In the heart of London near Trafalgar Square you’ll find Albannach. With their stellar whiskey menu and classic ambience, Albannach strives to bring the best to their guests - and that includes their top-rated haggis. For a world-class dining experience, come to Albannach for an unforgettable evening.

5. Stravaigin

The motto at this Glaswegian restaurant is ‘Think Global, Act Local’. Stravaigin takes this to heart with their Scottish-fusion food. Their award winning menu and wine list makes Stravaigin a must stop on the Scottish-lover’s food list.

4. The Ubiquitous Chip

When the Ubiquitous Chip opened in the 70’s, Scottish cuisine was something only grannies made for Sunday lunch. The Chip has turned this around bringing Scottish cuisine to the forefront of Glasgow’s culinary scene. With their seasonally changing menu and pride in all things Scottish, The Ubiquitous Chip will serve you Scotland’s heart on a platter - in the form of their delicious venison or vegetarian haggis.

3. Oink

Run by farmers, Oink is an authentic butcher specializing in hog roasts from their own Scottish Borders farms. Not only do they have a shop in the center of town but they also have a stall at the local farmer’s market on Saturdays. While their speciality is pork, Oink’s pork sandwich with haggis is a true meat lover’s delight. If you find yourself in Edinburgh, stop off at Oink for a hearty bite.

2. Humble Pie 'n' Mash

Aptly named, Humble Pie ‘n’ Mash makes traditional pies in their 17th Century building in the seaside town of Whitby, England. Take a step back in time and order their haggis pie. With a generous layer of neeps, this pie is anything but humble.

1. Mister Singh's India

Our surprise number one is Glasgow’s favorite curry house. Combining two of Scotland’s favorites - traditional haggis with exotic Indian spices, Mister Singh’s India has concocted four unique haggis recipes to please both traditional and adventurous palates. Think you have tried everything? Not until you’ve tried Mister Singh’s haggis.

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