Around the World in 80 Dishes - 1. Pizza in Naples

Here at Triposo, we think that one of the very best ways to experience a new culture is through its cuisine. When we travel, we make sure to get an authentic taste of the local delicacies. In this series, we’ll cover 80 of the best dishes and drinks in the world, ranging from pizza in Italy to tagine in Morocco to mojitos in Cuba. Join us for this series that promises to give you a little taste of the wider world of food culture and get you revved up to travel and try it all yourself!

Our journey starts with Italian specialities from regions all over this food-loving country. What’s your favorite Italian food?

1. Pizza in Naples

Da Michele

Pizza is one of the world’s favorite dishes, so naturally it tops our list of dishes from around the world. A trip to Naples wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t try at least one original Neapolitan pizza. Without a doubt, the best place to go is Da Michele. Five generations of master pizza-throwers have ensured that Da Michele makes the very best pie in Naples. Using only fresh, all-natural ingredients, it’s no surprise that the flavor at Da Michele is revelatory. Order a classic margherita or something a little fancier; it doesn’t matter. You won’t be disappointed.

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Picture by Sami Keinänen