Top 10 Tequila Bars in the U.S., Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo!

Believe it or not, Cinco de Mayo isn’t just about drinking one too many margaritas and practicing your high school Spanish. The holiday originally started in Mexico as a way to commemorate the Battle of Puebla during the Mexican Wars of Independence. Though it’s not actually a national holiday in Mexico and is primarily celebrated in the Puebla region, it has taken on significance in the U.S. as a day to appreciate Mexican heritage and culture.

Regardless of its history, Cinco de Mayo is a great excuse to get more familiar with the cuisine of Mexico, not to mention its classic spirits and cocktails, the most well-known of which is inarguably the tequila-based margarita. On Cinco de Mayo, the refreshing citrus cocktail is trumped only by a good, old-fashioned straight tequila shot, preferably with a wedge of lime and a lick of salt to help it go down easy.

At Triposo, we believe the best way to experience a culture is through its cuisine -- or, in this case, its liquor. This year, if you can’t head south of the border in time for May 5, check out our article on Buzzfeed to discover the restaurants and bars that are the highest-rated for “tequila” on social media according to Triposo’s algorithms. ¡Salud!

Photo by Paul Stein