London, United Kingdom Best of the British Museum - Guided visit


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See treasures from all over the world that date back to the beginning of time in The British Museum tour. The museum seems to have unlimited space in its beautiful and vast building of one million square feet! Here, your expert and a museum expert will keep you engaged by sharing the history and anecdotes that will bring these ancient objects to life.DescriptionRelax and take in the beauty of the wonders contained inside the incredible halls of the British Museum, as your guide skillfully navigates you through the seventy galleries containing Athenian marbles, Egyptian Mummies and Anglo Saxon treasures. You will see the real Rosetta Stone that played an essential role in the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Another highlight is the enormous Parthenon Frieze. Just one meter high and 160 meters long, this incredible sculpture once stood in the Acropolis in Athens and is one of the most important surviving relics of classical Greece.Further highlights are the Egyptian Rooms, with an impressive collection of mummies. Your guide will explain the importance of death and the afterlife in Ancient Egyptian culture as you witness this incredible piece of human history in person. The museum also contains a wonderful selection of artifacts representing the Anglo Saxon culture, such as those found at the burial sites of Sutton Hoo. Your guide will share the amazing story of how these objects survived the centuries and the grave robbers, making them an improbable find. This is a great tour, due to its small group size and expert guide, to get up close and personal with some of history most valued artifacts!Maximum group size: 20 persons.