York, United Kingdom Free 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour


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York Minster

from Flickr by Alex Brown CC BY 2.0

Walking through the streets of York is like taking a tour through the history of England. The Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and Normans all remade the city to their own purposes. The Tudors and the Stuarts made themselves at home here. The Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War left their mark as well.

For 2,000 years, York has been at the heart of the nation’s affairs, and your guide will bring its history to life as you’re led through lush parks and narrow lanes, past grand churches and palaces, and to ruined castles and abbeys.

On this free, 3-hour tour of York you’ll experience the history of one of the most fascinating cities in Britain.

The tour includes visits and commentary on the following:

York Minster and the Liberty of St. Peter
• The city walls and gatehouses
• St. Mary’s Abbey and the Museum Gardens
The Shambles
• York Castle
• Roman and Viking invasions
• Catholic saints and martyrs
• English kings and queens
• Dick Turpin and the truth about the moonlight ride

The tours begin every morning at 11:00 outside the west entrance to York Minster, opposite Café Concerto. Look for the guide wearing a distinctive blue White Rose of York tee-shirt. Your friendly and helpful guide is there to help get you registered on the tour and answer any questions you may have before you embark on this unique excursion.

Please note that the tour guides work for gratuities only.