Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar Yangon Institute of Economics


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from Wikipedia by Rockrangoon CC BY-SA 3.0

The Yangon Institute of Economics is the premier university of economics and business in Myanmar. Founded as the Department of Economics of Yangon University in 1924, the institute became an independent university of higher learning in 1964. The institute offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and diplomas, mostly in commerce, statistics and economics. It is also the primary business school in the country, offering full-time, executive and online MBA degrees.
The institute serves over 7000 undergraduate and graduate students over its three Yangon area campuses: the main campus in Kamayut in the city and satellite campuses in Hlaing, and Ywathagyi.


The YIE began as Department of Economics under the Yangon University in 1924. The Department of Economics began offering commerce as a special subject in 1940, and courses in statistics in 1953. In 1955, a separate Commerce Department was established, and in 1956 a separate Statistics Department was established. In 1964 the institute became an independent tertiary institute with three academic departments and one separate research department. In 1987, the Research Department was transformed into the Department of Management Studies and another academic department, the Department of Applied Economics was created. The Institute now has five major academic departments and four supporting academic departments: Burmese, English, mathematics and geography.
It added not only a full-time MPA MDevS (2004) but also a full-time MBA program in 1995, an executive MBA (EMBA) program in 2002, and an online MBA program in 2007.


The institute confers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees as well as post-graduate diplomas. Regular undergraduate programs take three years and Honors undergraduate programs take four years. The master's programs take two years.


Program Bachelor's Master's Doctoral
Accounting B.Act. M.Act. Ph.D. Business Administration BBA MBA Ph.D. (Com.)
Commerce B.Com. M.Com, MBF Ph.D. (Com.)
Development Studies B.Dev.S. M.Dev.S. Ph.D. (Econ.)
Economics B.Econ. M.Econ. Ph.D. (Econ.)
Population Studies B.P.S. M.P.S. Ph.D. (Stats)
Public Administration BPA MPA Ph.D. (Econ.)
Statistics B.Econ. (Stats) M.Econ. (Stats) Ph.D. (Stats)

MBA program

The Master of Business Administration Program is offered in English by the Department of Management Studies. The two-year program consists of eight quarters (semesters). Three four-credit courses are offered in each quarter. To complete the MBA, the candidates must take 24 courses to obtain the required 96 credit units.
Reflecting the relatively undeveloped business environment in Myanmar, the MBA degree offered is only in general management. No other majors such as accounting, finance or banking are available.

Post-graduate diplomas

Post-graduate diplomas are one-year programs.

  • Diploma in Economics Studies

  • Diploma in Statistics

  • Diploma in Management Administration

  • Diploma in Education Management

  • Diploma in Development Studies

  • Diploma in Marketing

  • Diploma in Research Studies

Certificate and diploma programs

The institute's Center for Human Resource Development conducts short-term training courses, certificate and diploma programs "to meet the needs of public and private sectors of the country." Higher diplomas lead to degree programs.

  • Certificate in Business Studies

  • Certificate in Bookkeeping (CBK)

  • Certificate in Basic Computing (CBC)

  • Certificate in Business Information Studies (CBIS)

  • Certificate in Advanced Business Studies (CABS)

  • Certificate in Advanced Accounting (CAA)

  • Certificate in Computerized Accounting (CAA)

  • Diploma in Business Studies (DBS)

  • Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFac)

  • Diploma in Management Accounting (DMac)

  • Diploma in Business Accounting (DBac)

  • Diploma in Development Studies

  • Diploma in Secretarial Management (DSM) (in collaboration with LCCI EB of British Council)

  • Higher Diploma in Business Studies (HDBS)

  • Higher Diploma in Accounting Studies (HDAS)

International co-operation and collaboration

The YIE is recognised as one of the Centers of Excellence by the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) of Japan and also member of ASEAN University Network (AUN). The institute is also affiliated with Osaka Sanjo University of Japan, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) of China, Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), University of Utara Malaysia (UUM) and University of Kaiserslautern of Germany.


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Yangon Institute of Economics