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Tveita Senter is one of the largest shopping centres in Oslo, Norway, with a turnover of NOK 768 million in 2008. The shopping mall is located at Tveita, on the border between the boroughs of Alna and Østensjø. Easily accessible by public transport, it's located beside Tveita Station on the Oslo Metro and is connected with five different bus lines. Tveita Senter is owned by OBOS Forretningsbygg AS, which in turn is owned by OBOS.
Tveita Senter was reopened in 2003, after a major renovation during which both its interior and exterior was rebuilt. The shopping mall appears as a modern mall, and is one of the largest and most complete shopping malls in the area. Its 73 stores includes a postal office, bank, pharmacy, liquor store and grocery stores, as well as a second floor containing several clothing stores. Since its renovation it has experienced a great increase in its turnover. In 2008 it was visited by 3,5 million people.

Hotbed of criminals

During the 1970s Tveita Senter struggled with shoplifting, vandalism and drug addicts. In 1979 the board of directors chose to hire Jan Kvalen as its security guard in an attempt to rid the mall of people causing problems. While the police turned a blind eye, Kvalen battered those who dared oppose him. Rather than calling the police, those who were caught shoplifting was often battered in the basement of the mall, and in some cases he even broke their arm. Even though the police were aware that a lot of his actions went far beyond what the laws permitted, they chose not to interfere, since the police themselves had struggled to gain control of the premises and they cooperated with him. Kvalen worked at the Tveita Senter for a period of two decades, in which a notorious criminal gang who came to be known as Tveitagjengen emerged under his reputed leadership.,


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Tveita Senter