Ebringen, Germany Schneeburg


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from Wikipedia by – Wladyslaw [Disk.] CC-BY-SA-3.0

Schneeburg is a castle ruin between Ebringen and Freiburg, Germany. The ruins are at an altitude of 516 metres on the western summit of Schönberg.



from Wikipedia by W-j-s Public domain

The castle was first mentioned in 1312 and was built by the Lords of Hornberg. In 1349, Werner von Hornberg handed ownership of the castle over to the Abbey of Saint Gall and became ruler of Ebringen. Schneeburg was most likely abandoned before 1500. It has been claimed that the castle was destroyed in 1525 during the German Peasants' War, but this can not be confirmed.

Current Conditions

All that remains today are part of a tower and living quarters. The Ruin is about 37 metres long and 17 metres (56 ft) wide. On the north side is the rest of the four-storey tower with two windows. The well also remains in good condition in the courtyard.


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