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Mount Sikaram is a mountain in the Safīd Mountain Range on the Afghanistan–Pakistan border, south of the Kabul River and Khyber Pass. At 4755m, it is the highest peak of the Safīd Mountain Range.


Located north of the village Peiwar in Kurram Agency, the slope of Mount Sikaram has a small valley which includes Peiwar, Alizai, Tari Mangal, Narai, Speena Shaga and Khewas. Temperatures can fall below 0°C at any time of the year.
A road exists between the Kurram Valley and Afghanistan's Aryub Valley, called the Gawi Pass or Peiwar Kotal Pass. It is significant for its history in tribal expeditions during British rule, including the Battle of Peiwar Kotal. Mount Sikaram towers above all surrounding hills except for a narrow gorge cut by the Kābul River, which breaks through the mountains to flow eastward into the Indus River. The range connects directly with the Shandūr offshoot of the Hindu Kush mountain system.
British surveyor George Batley Scott climbed the mountain during a campaign to survey Afghanistan in 1878–79.

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Mount Sikaram