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47th Street is an east–west running street between First Avenue and the West Side Highway in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Traffic runs one way along the street, from east to west, starting at the headquarters of the United Nations. The street features the Diamond District in a single block (where the street is also known as Diamond Jewelry Way) and also courses through Times Square.


The New York City Subway's 47th–50th Streets – Rockefeller Center station on the IND Sixth Avenue Line offers service on the . An underground concourse connects the station with the buildings of Rockefeller Center. The 49th Street station on the BMT Broadway Line offers service on the, and is accessible via a part-time booth at Seventh Avenue and 47th Street at the south end of the station.
Additionally, several New York City Bus routes running along north-south avenues stop near the street.

In popular culture

  • One of the starting rounds of the arcade game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (1992) portraits a rundown 47th Street in a flooded 26th-century New York.

  • West 47th Street, co-produced by Bill Lichtenstein and June Peoples, was the title of a PBS documentary that debuted on P.O.V. on August 19, 2003. The documentary focused on the mentally ill who inhabit the streets and was filmed over three years at Fountain House, a renowned 50-year-old rehabilitation center on West 47th Street.

  • Seen in the John Schlesinger film Marathon Man (1976) with Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman.

  • Seen in the closing scene of the Mike Nichols film Closer (2004), starring Natalie Portman and Jude Law.

  • The 47th Street Diamond Exchange was featured in the 2009 film New York, I Love You in a segment with Natalie Portman and Irrfan Khan.

  • "Memories on 47th St." is the second song on Vic Mensa's studio album The Autobiography (2017).


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