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Randy's Donuts, an LA landmark

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Inglewood is a city in Los Angeles County in Southern California. Sandwiched between South Central Los Angeles and LAX, it is a somewhat impoverished area. Though there isn't much for a tourist to see, there are some excellent eats here and a number of chain motels taking advantage of the city's proximity to LAX.


There isn't much to see in Inglewood. The city is mainly just single-family homes and apartments, although there are a few nice parks and the famous Forum arena.

  • Inglewood Park Cemetery, 720 E Florence Ave, +1 310 412-6500. 8:30AM - 5PM. One of the oldest cemeteries in the Los Angeles area. Has some beautiful chapels.


  • The Forum, 3900 West Manchester Blvd, +1 310 330-7300. Formerly the home of the Los Angeles Lakers, the Forum was overshadowed for many years due to the opening of the Staples Center in Downtown LA in 1999. However, a major renovation transformed the Forum from a sports arena to a premier concert venue, removing the scoreboards and luxury boxes and focusing heavily on creating a space with great acoustics. Today it is a 17,500 seat arena that regularly hosts major musical acts and awards shows.

  • Centinela Park, 700 Warren Ln, +1 310 412-5370. Take a stroll around this beautiful and large park. The park offers a public swimming pool and has a nice amazing view.


  • Foot Locker, 2718 West Imperial Highway, +1 323 418-0592.

  • Crenshaw Imperial Shopping Center, 3130 West 111th Pl, +1 310 677-3014.

  • Inglewood Wholesale Elec Co, 923 South Prairie Ave, +1 310 673-4400.


As Inglewood is mainly suburban and has low tourism, most restaurants are fast food restaurants . However, Inglewood has some distinct and well known famous eateries.


  • Randy's Donuts, 805 W Manchester Blvd, +1 310 645-4707. Open 24/7. Home of the "Big Donut", Randy's is one of only 4 surviving "giant donuts" in the Los Angeles area. The donuts and coffee and other snacks are pretty cheap yet also tasty, so you shouldn't have much problem on finding something you like. The store has gone as far as to give worldwide deliveries of their donuts. This drive-thru shop is shaped like a giant donut and is visible from the 405 freeway. 70¢-1$.

  • Lee's Caribbean Restaurant, 1041 S Prairie Ave. Near Toni's, this traditional Caribbean restaurant has some pretty good chicken. The service may be a little slow, but it's worth it.

  • Brolly Hut, 11205 Crenshaw Blvd, +1 310 674-2344. 7:30AM – 11:30PM. A local hamburger restaurant with some pretty good cheeseburgers and burritos. Probably Inglewood's 2nd best well known restaurant, just behind Randy's. If you're looking to indulge into some unhealthy food, this is your paradise. If you are health savvy, you're better off looking elsewhere.

  • Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. Rhis is the most well-known of the ubiquitous LA-area chicken & waffles restaurants. Cheap, and with good service, this restaurant is a convenient, quick dinner spot.


  • Toni's Soul Burgers, 1035 S Prairie Ave. 11:30AM-7:30PM daily. Very good fast food restaurant. Makes some good burgers. This is a pretty busy restaurant, so expect to wait for a long time. However, it's worth the wait.

  • Tortuga Bay, 147 W Manchester Blvd, +1 310 671-8000. 9AM-7PM daily. One of the best Mexican restaurants in Inglewood. They serve some pretty good tortas and seafood. They also have some good burritos, tacos, and burgers.


  • Stuff I Eat, 114 N Market St, +1 310 671-0115. A completely vegan restaurant for those who have certain consumption beliefs or those watching weight. It's not cheap, but the food is fresh and healthy.

  • Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen, 202 E Manchester Blvd, +1 310 671-3345. A very pricey restaurant in Inglewood, but serves 100% authentic soul and American Southern food. The restaurant tends to be moderately busy, which means the service is a little slow, but the food is very good. $16-25.


  • The Green Horse, 1662 Centinela Ave, +1 310 649-6776. 9PM-2AM daily. Probably Inglewood's most famous bar, with a distinctive "Green Horse" sign on top of the bar. This bar serves some great cocktails, beer and food, and also has some great music.

Stay safe

Inglewood is not as dangerous as commonly believed. Since the 1992 riots the crime rate has been dropping; however, rates of robbery and assault are much higher than the national average. During the day gang activity is low and police patrol the streets. At night time, be careful of your surroundings and avoid anyone acting suspicious. Avoid large groups of people wearing gang colors, and also be alert for anyone who is on drugs or drunk. Most crime happens in the central part of the city, and the outer areas have a lower crime rate. Be careful when in the central neighborhoods the areas surrounding Lennox Boulevard and Burl Avenue, 104th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard and the area between Van Ness Avenue and the Imperial Freeway. These are the areas that you will most likely encounter trouble.

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The following cities and neighborhoods share a border with Inglewood:

  • Westchester - Inglewood's western neighbor is the home of Los Angeles International Airport and a number of lodging options.

  • Hawthorne - Bordering Inglewood to the south, Hawthorne is home to several aerospace companies including SpaceX, and is an option for those needing lodging near Los Angeles International Airport.

  • South Central LA - Located northeast of Inglewood, South Central has its rough parts but is definitely worth a visit to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center, as well as the campus of USC and the sights of Exposition Park.