Ibri, Oman Activities


  • Visit the Bedouin, Biladhi Shuhoom village, near Mokhniyath town (30 km. Biiadi Shuhoom is a village without roads, telephones and other modern amenities. During the annual mountains floods, the village is totally marooned from the outer world and essential food supply is provided by helicopter. The villagae Bedouins are engaged in wheat cultivation, sheep rearing and there are plenty of wheat farms. You need a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach there. Since there are no fixed roads, you can drive across the mountains in an as-you-please manner. The sheikh provides water pumped from a wadi or mountain steam.

  • Visit the Ibri Market. Ibri Market is famous for cattle and fruits.

  • Omani Dagger. The cute shaped Omani dagger is available in many sizes and they are made of different material.