Mexico, Mexico Surf's Up Mexico Mini Guide by Pablo Gomez

These are the best spots to surf in Mexico all year round!

Puerto Escondido is a town in Oaxaca known for its big waves and excellent surfing conditions. It caters to a more downscale and eclectic clientele, mostly surfers, backpackers and Mexican families. The main attractions are the beaches: Zicatela Beach hosts major surfing competitions, while other beaches have gentle waves.

Puerto Escondido

Sayulita is a village about 25 miles north of downtown Puerto Vallarta in the state of Nayarit. Known for its consistent river mouth surf break, roving surfers "discovered" Sayulita in the late 1960s with the construction of Mexican Highway 200. The village is a mecca for beginner surfers of all ages.


Troncones is a relatively undeveloped, uncrowded beach village. The major surfing area is called Troncones Point, a steady left break, where Troncones Beach meets Manzanillo Bay just to the north. Waves tend to be smaller in the winter, as the Point needs a southern swell to break well, and it is recommended for confident surfers because it is a rock bottom with some coral. Many hotels offer surfing classes.


Lively Pacific coast town, Mazatlan is a shipping port and a resort destination with miles of top-notch surf beaches. It is a popular Spring Break destination due to its variety of affordable lodging options.



Todos Santos is famous for Hotel California. South of Todos Santos is one of Baja's better surfing destinations, Cerritos Beach, famous for world-class surf.

Todos Santos


The city is the largest municipality in Baja California and perfect spot to surf during winter. San Miguel and Santo Tomas in the north are popular towns for great surfing.