Helsinki, Finland The 5 Hottest Saunas in town Mini Guide by Irena Chloé

The Finish people have found an excellent cure for the cold, dark, winter days - saunas! Here are the best in town.

source: Triposo

Sauna Hermanni is located in the similarly named Hermanni-area in Helsinki. The sauna was established in the 1950′s. When you step into the old building you almost feel like entering someone’s home. The receptionist makes it even more hospitable and everything is reminiscent of the 1950′s. Sauna Hermanni’s kiosk sells nonalcoholic drinks, low-alcohol-beer and delicious sauna snacks like goat's cheese toasts, sausages and a finger food plate including olives, cheese, garlic, jalapeno and pickles. There are also bundles of birch- and maple-leaf twigs for sale and towels for rent. There is a cute hatch to the kiosk in the womens dressing room from where you can order some food or drinks. Additionally, there’s a small smoking- / library- / internet-room, where you can entertain yourself while waiting your partner or friends. Men’s and women’s saunas are separated. The traditional sauna has wooden walls, ceiling and seats, giving a cosy feeling. The electric heated sauna stove gives good, strong and steady steam. The women’s sauna can fit up to 20 people and the men’s up to 30 people. Sauna Hermanni also offers massage and cupping therapy. The sauna organizes different kinds of culture events like sauna discos and a poetry-event.

Sauna Hermanni

This is the last wood burning public sauna in the center of Helsinki. Family-run and very traditional. There are separate saunas for men and women.

Kotiharjun sauna

A unique combination of cafe, restaurant, bar, laundromat and sauna, Tin Tin Tango serves up all-day breakfast, soups, salads and sandwiches, but stays open late with wine and occasional live music. Laundry/dryer €4/2. Sauna rental €22-32/hour (1-10 people), reservations required.

Café Tin Tin Tango

This old public sauna in Kallio opened its doors in 1929, and has been much loved ever since by the locals . Separate saunas for men and women. Washing service and traditional cupping therapy also available.

Arlan sauna

Kämp Spa is located in the heart of Helsinki and is an oasis of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. In addition to the 3 different saunas, you can also get spa treatments or go to the gym.

Kämp Spa