Italy, Italy The 6 Most Amazing Cliffside Villages in Italy Mini Guide by Laura Gomez

There are a number of stunnung Italian villages built right into cliffs. Here are the best that will take your breath away!

Riomaggiore ( Rimaz├╣u in the local Ligurian language) is a village and comune in the province of La Spezia, situated in a small valley in the Liguria region and the most southern village in Cinque Terre and dates back to the 8th century.


Manarola, built on a rock that is 70 metres above sea level, and is considered by most to be one of the most charming and romantic of the Cinque Terre villages. The little harbor has a tiny a boat ramp, multicoloured houses facing the water and many small and cute restaurants with some amazing seafood!


Vernazza's historic wealth is seen in the elegant style of its houses and streets, which are decorated with towers, open galleries, refined arcades and elaborate doorways.


Pitigliano is surrounded by green valleys, grooved by the Lente and Meleta rivers. It is like being back in the middle-ages in the heart of Tuscany.


All year long, the town is always full of people, but if you are planning to visit Positano, it would be best to schedule your trip during the spring season to get more peace while exploring this gem!


Portofino is an Italian fishing village and upmarket resort famous for its picturesque harbour and historical association with celebrity visitors.