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Thinking of Moving to Bali? Read This Before Staying in Bali

Cineam - Stunning beaches, sculptures, temples, and simple pleasures of Bali have attracted many tourists. Many luxury and famous hotels spring up in Bali along with world-class spas and yoga centers. Bali has changed since the 1970s but the special quality of Balinese culture still exists. "People in Bali are warm, friendly and extraordinary," said Joel Parkinson, a famous surfer from Australia who has lived in Bali for around five years. Joel Parkinson is a professional surfer who has won many international surfing competitions.

Moving to a sunny tropical island and breaking away from a sad city life sounds like an ideal dream. Many people realize that it is only a dream and will never look for that thought. Many tourists in Bali say they love this paradise island but cannot stay here. But there will always be a group of visitors who admit that they feel a strong bond with the island: "After arriving in Bali, I only realized that I needed to stay," "I knew that I should be in Bali," "I have found where I come and Bali is a place to live. "

You will most likely hear some conflicting reports about Bali as experienced by most expatriates in Bali before they moved to Bali. You may have been told about extraordinary business opportunities, about touching and inspiring experiences that live in Bali - or a variety of very failed business investments and a fair share of frightening and frightening experiences. However, you will never truly realize how to live in Bali until you experience it yourself.

The fact is that Bali is not a paradise according to most tourists. Working and living in Bali is a total difference from your holiday experience in Bali. Living in Bali can be stressful but in a different perspective from western countries. Don't think that everything will go smoothly. Bali is expensive - yes you can buy food at a street shop for IDR 5,000; but visas, imported goods, education, schools, and medical care are all expensive. Bali can be wet or hot, exciting or dangerous, beautiful or terrible. This paradise island can help you fulfill your dreams or make you drown in a dangerous sea

If you are financially rich, you may realize that you will be deceived by some unscrupulous traders. Things can and will be easier by hiring local people to help you deal with the complex needs of life in Bali but isolating yourself too much from the reality of everyday life in Bali is not beneficial in the long run. You will not be equipped with the experience or knowledge needed to overcome the challenges of life in Bali.

If you hope to find work in Bali, that is not an easy way. An employment visa is a complicated problem that must be faced. The pay will not be the same as in western countries. Most expatriates in Bali are self-employed and run their own businesses. But if you really want to find a job in Bali, you have to make sure you speak the language; Indonesian. Becoming a little easier after you live in Bali for a while and make the right contact.

If you have decided to move to Bali as part of your family or partner, you can help and support each other. But if you and your partner don't have the same desire for Bali then it will be difficult to do. If you move to Bali alone, you only need to think about it yourself. But during these difficult early times you will have many obstacles to face alone. There are many things to face such as finding a place to live, finding friends, finding ways to make money, learning Indonesian, learning to take a walk in Bali and understanding how to work on this island. If you have never lived in Indonesia or Bali, you will experience a big culture shock during the first few months. You might not see it as a culture shock, you might also think you are fine, but you

Learn Indonesian, research things to do in Bali, make friends with Balinese people, acknowledge possible dangers, accept the fact that there are certain things that you cannot change, embrace challenges, familiarize yourself with the island and its culture - Bali is full with a miracle. If you really want to live in Bali, you will find a way to make it work. If you have passion and love for Bali, the joy and appreciation of life here is very valuable with lots of life experiences and important lessons awaiting you.