Green world

One more day and it's Saint Patrick's Day, the day when the whole world is a little green. But how green exactly? We have a heat map of the world that shows how Irish different cities around the world are. To get our map we've compared the number of bars that are Irish with the total number of bars in town that we have in our database. Then we applied some smoothing so that a small town with just one bar that is very Irish doesn't show up with a 100% score and outshines Boston where 25% of the bars may be seen as Irish.

Use the map to zoom in and see more details. With a bit of zooming, panning and patience you can see how Boston is really green, or how the Dingle Peninsula shines. Before we say "Happy Saint Patrick's Day" we'd like to thank Patrick Wied who wrote the javascript library to create the heat map. Thanks Pat! And Happy Paddyday to all!

heatmap.js by Patrick Wied