Triposo Labs

At Triposo we build travel guides by applying algorithms to all the data we can get our hands on. But before data becomes useful, you have to play with it. And we do. From little scripts to huge mapreduces, we try all kinds of stuff. Sometimes it works and you'll see the results the next time you download one of our ipad travel guides, sometimes we end up with nothing.

But sometimes something slightly unexpected and interesting happens. This is where triposo labs comes in.
Here we publish experiments that might not immediately applicable in producing better travel guides, but that are still interesting. Browse around and let us know what you think!

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8 Things You Need To Know About The New Mobile Traveler

Check out the infographic above. We put this together the illustrate how mobile enables spontaneity while traveling.
Download the PDF version here

World Map Projection

We all vaguely realize that the mercator projection isn't really correctly displaying the relative size of continents. This map lets you drag the center of projection and shows how much of a difference things actually make.

Cuisine Guesser

By analyzing the names of restaurants, we try to predict the cuisines.


Tracking holiday snapshots over the year


Tracking the spread of world coverage of the wikipedia over the planet.


Saint Patrick's Day, the day when the whole world is a little green.


Where do people go from place to the next.

POI Type Viewing

We have analyzed the relative number of POI screen views as a function of distance and time for museums, restaurants, and bars.

POI Type Viewing Map

Visualizing the types of pois users look at based on the location.

What would a local tell you to do?

We love to feel like a local when we travel. And we believe that with Triposo on your phone you can feel like a local.

Rankings assesment

How well do our rankings match what our users want to see?

Next Pois

Whould you like to find out what people are looking for to do next when they are around some attraction?