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"I love this app! I am currently studying abroad in Europe, and this app has been a lifesaver because it can be used offline. It is perfect for people who don't have an unlimited data plan. The suggestions for restaurants and things to do in each town are spot on, and the search feature is easy to use and very helpful."

- EMMAandM, May 2015

"I used it when I went to Thailand and didn't have data. The maps, translations, tourist info - incredibly helpful. I would use this again 100 times over. There is no other app out there quite like it. Being able to download everything and use it offline is the best!"

- f46369b, January 2016

"This app has made my time in Europe far better than if I was just to 'wing it'. I have found so many bars/hotels/restaurants that were great because of this app. I try telling all of the new people I see that this is a must have because it is. This is the only review I have ever written about anything which should tell you how good this is because I have never felt strong enough about an app to write on. Until now."

- TINO151, March 2015

"I got this app at a friend's recommendation, and used it to plan a trip to Sydney, Australia and the South Island of New Zealand. I like how I can explore options, map my course of walking while connected, and then access it all offline. I am now using it to plan a car trip across the US and Ontario. I just don't want to go anywhere without Triposo."

- mamose356, February 2015

"I travel overseas constantly and Triposo is a must for traveling. I'd literally be lost without it! GPS, maps, reviews, suggestions, directions, info... all of this is available to you without a cellular or wifi connection. It's amazing... A tour guide right in your phone! I highly recommend this to everyone! :)"

- ItsLaurenBaby, April 2014

"A great free alternative to a guidebook. Save the place you are going, and even when you don't have data/wifi it will use your GPS and give you recommendations near you. Lots of places worldwide available. Was a great help on a trip to Lebanon recently, am now using it to plan other middle eastern travels."

- brooklynmili, August 2015
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