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About the guide

We started in 2010 with just three android travel guides: Amsterdam, Zurich and Sydney. Step by step we've been adding functionality and new destinations - our current releases get 4 stars ratings (and up) in the Android Market. All of our guides work offline so you can use them when your travel.

Triposo travel guide to the world

The world guide is the solution for people who want to have one travel guide they can use for everything. Just one app in which you can load every city or country guide you want, with all the features off the city and country guides.

City guides

We have an Android travel guide for over 50 cities including Paris, Rome, London and Istanbul. All our city guides have the following features:


  • In depth background information on history, getting around and getting there.
  • All major sights are covered with a good description.
  • An extensive list of restaurants to choose from, divided in different cuisines.
  • A nightlife section that has the best bars, nightclubs and more.
  • A complete overview of other activities such as hiking, biking or just relaxing on the beach.
  • An offline map that shows your location and the nearby highlights.
  • The possibility to store your personal highlights.

Country guides

We have country guides for 10 countries, including Sweden, Switzerland and Austria


  • In depth information on the country, the culture, history and how to stay safe.
  • A country map that shows where the most important cities are.
  • Language guides that teach you the basics of the local lingo.
  • Complete city guides for major destinations: we leave nothing out.
  • Compact information for less traveled destinations.