Why should I use Triposo?

We like to sum up everything that makes us special in one sentence: Triposo is the smart travel guide

So how is Triposo smart?

1. We’ve got smart, personalized suggestions that cover highlights and hidden gems. When you are traveling you can open up Triposo anywhere and you’ll pop up a suggestion with cool things to do. We use your location to come up with unexpected sights nearby, we use the weather forecast to make sure you visit a great park when it’s sunny, and we try to find a coffee spot just when you need a shot.

2. We’ve done the research for you. You get the best travel guide that works offline, including the maps. When you travel there’s a couple of things you want. You want to be able to find places without using mobile internet and you want to find a great place without having to do a lot or research. So we do the research for you and make sure you can download everything you need when you travel before you go.

2.1 We’ve collected the best places We use a nu and we collected 1 million places in different categories: sightseeing, eating out, nightlife, shopping and more.

2.2 We’ve read the reviews for you There’s millions and millions of reviews for restaurants and bars. When you’re traveling you don’t want to go through them to find a nice place to eat. That’s why we do that for you. We crawl thousands of different websites to find out what’s great about the places that you find in our guide. We’ll tell you if a place is great for coffee or has an impressive wine selection. And we use badges to highlight the best places in town. That helps a lot when you want to make on the spot decisions.

2.3 We’ve got practical information When you travel you. You need to know where the bus stop is, and you might need a pharmacy or even go to a police station. We’ve collected these

2.4 we store everything offline Our apps work offline. All our city and country guides download all the information to your device directly. If you use the Triposo world guide you can download any part of

2.5 even the maps & routing on the maps We’ll show you where you are on the map even if you have no internet connection. And we can calculate the route to the place you’ve picked without an internet connection. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

We’ve got 25 000 destinations and 6 million travelers sharing their experiences to make travel better. Things change fast. So there are things that you need to know that are not in the guide. The good news is that we have 6 million people who have downloaded our apps and use it to travel. They share their tips in the app and we sync them back to your device, just when you need it. You can be sure there will be a few tips when you arrive in a new destination, helping you to make your trip better.