The Triposo Team

Meet the Tripsters



Nishank is an avid traveler and foodie. Raised in India, he loves curry and is obsessed with the Indian cricket team. Prior to Triposo, he led Marketing at online hotels aggregator Before that he was a founding member at, India’s #2 Domain Registrar, where he led Marketing and Business Development. A computer engineer by education, Nishank earned his MBA at the Indian School of Business. His mission is to build the best machine learning travel Intelligence & content API.

Vincent Osinga

CTO and Founder

Vincent is the youngest of the Osinga brothers. Trained as a theoretical chemist, he also worked for Oberon with his brothers before founding Triposo in 2011. He likes to put on his hiking boots wherever and whenever he can. Some of his favorite hiking trips include Ireland, Peru and Nepal. He even wears his boots when he is not hiking! Vincent currently lives in The Netherlands.

Douwe Osinga

Founder & Board Advisor

Douwe is a globe-trotting data lover who enjoys an open source hackfest almost as much as he likes being on the road.


Warwick is the guardian of the Triposo Pipeline. Originally from Australia, he has traveled across the globe, finally settling down in a small peaceful town in the Czech Republic.


Ionut is a self-proclaimed geek who left home at 22 to start working as a software engineer in Beijing. From Beijing, he cycled his way down to Laos and now resides back in his home country, Romania.


Jen is our Office Manager. Originally from the New York Tri-State Area, she traveled around Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa before settling in the UK. She dreams of beaches and tropical drinks with umbrellas. She can also say ‘Cheers’ in 14 languages.

Richard Osinga

Founder & Board Advisor

Richard is a travel junkie and diplomat-slash-novelist-turned-entrepreneur with a Master’s Degree in Economics and French Literature.


Jasper is a New Zealand born perpetual traveler, ex-publican, geek and DIYer. He can fit everything he owns (including his laptop) inside his backpack.


Les left Amsterdam to design in Osaka and San Francisco. Now he is back home in Amsterdam. No matter where he goes, he always dreams of snowy mountains.