Our Story

What is Triposo?

Triposo is a smart travel content platform. We use our clever algorithms to peruse the web and crunch through millions of websites and reviews. Our travel guide app is the best showcase of our platform. Our app allows you to choose your favorite hotels, sights, activities and restaurants and add them to your bucket list. You can then book your favorites seamlessly through the app. All your bookings and saved places are now in one easy to find location. Download our guides to your smartphone for access to maps, local tips, bookings and personalized suggestions all without the internet! That's not all, if you are an online travel company or a startup looking to build an innovative travel product, you can use the Triposo travel API and get access to all the goodness of Triposo.

The early days

It all started with a pair of travel-obsessed Dutch brothers, Douwe and Richard Osinga, and their friend, Jon Tirsen. The Osinga brothers fell in love with travel at a young age. Their family would take month-long multinational camping trips across Europe each year. As the pair grew older, they kept travel as a hobby and pursued their respective careers. Douwe spent seven years at Google and Richard began his career as a Dutch diplomat in Algiers. The brothers then founded Oberon Interactive, a Dutch digital marketing company.

It wasn’t until a few years later that Triposo came to be. In January 2011, inspiration hit. The brothers met their friend Jon in an Australian beach town and took the ferry into Sydney. It was a perfect day- the sun was shining, the crowd was lively, and the drinks were flowing. As a boat parade passed by, the three friends realized they had a problem- none of this was in their heavy guidebooks or on their mobile travel apps.

That moment changed everything. The three friends quit their jobs and made it their goal to build a dynamic, free, intelligent travel data platform and mobile app.

How we keep things fresh

We are adventurers who believe the best way to build a travel guide is to spend as much time as possible exploring foreign lands and discovering new places. Each member of our founding team has traveled to 60+ countries while our other team members are always giving into their wanderlust. Our headquarters are in Amsterdam, but our team works all over the world- Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Czech Republic and even Thailand.

Every few months, all Tripsters get together for a week long adventure. We call it a Jamboree. We choose a destination, rent a big house, write code, brainstorm, and explore. These adventures allow us to be travelers again. Sometimes we forget what it’s like to arrive in a destination where you have no internet, can’t speak the language, and can’t even find the train station. At Triposo, we always try to remember how this feels.

On our most recent “Thaiboree” to Bangkok, we field tested our app in backpacker paradise- Khao San Road. In exchange for free beers, some like-minded travelers played around with the app and explored our latest features. Learning how new users interact with the app makes Triposo better for everyone. We also practice on our own. A few years ago we stayed in Marrakech near the main square. There we saw dancing bears, snake charmers and dentists who pull teeth for $1. On a day trip to Essaouira we discovered just how impossible it was to hail a taxi. That night, we started coding a new feature: maps with practical information like bus stops, pharmacies, and police stations. Experiences like these are integral to our brand and product development process.

At Triposo we believe getting lost will set you free— as long as you have Triposo to get you home.

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