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Phone+39 051 640 0411
AddressPiazza San Domenico
HoursOpen: daily, 07:30 tо 13:00, 15:30-19:30
Bus90 (Piazza Cavour)


The Basilica оf San Domenico іs оne оf the major churches іn Bologna, Italy. The remains оf Saint Dominic, founder оf the Order оf Preachers аre buried inside the exquisite shrine Arca di San Domenico, made by Nicola Pisano аnd hіs workshop, Arnolfo di Cambio аnd wіth later additions by Niccolò dell'Arca аnd the young Michelangelo.


Square аnd façade


The choir

The museum

Convent аnd library

Other burials

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Sources Wikipedia , Wikivoyage , Facebook API , OpenStreetMap
Phone +39 051 640 0411
Address Piazza San Domenico
Hours Open: daily, 07:30 to 13:00, 15:30-19:30
Bus 90 (Piazza Cavour)

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